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No steel wheels ...

I have done some exhaustive searching in the Houston area regarding the availability of inexpensive steel wheels to use as a spare for the MDX. I have learned several things:

1). There is apparenty no steel wheels available. I've had several dealers tell me 17" rims are not available in steel. If you want aftermarket rims for 17" then it will have to be alloys.

2) The standard MDX rim is 17" x 6.5" This is a very narrow rim and I could not find a single aftermarket rim in that size. The smallest I found was a 17x7, which of course will work. It was priced at $120 which for me in Houston tax must be applied.

Bottom line Tim's deal seems to be a very good one. You can save money by going with an alternative such as I described, but not a lot.
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