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I want to convert the Thule rack systems from my previous car(s) into something usable on my new 'X. (Why do I want Thules when I've got the X's Touring racks? Because I want to carry kayaks, and for this I'll need a much longer distance between the front and rear bars than the Touring racks provide.)

I know I can get a Fit Kit #2098 to go with my #400 Aero Feet. This will work as a clamp-on solution. But I'd like to mount the Thules onto the roof tracks.

While I've seen posts describing Thule parts which connect to the X's own racks, and posts describing Yakima parts which connect to the X's roof channels, I don't remember seeing anything specific about success or failure with Thule connections to the roof tracks.

I can attest that Thule's fit guides do not cite any solutions for MDX rack rail mounting. But ORG members have found workable Thule solutions such as the FM-1 and VWADAPT despite a lack of anydocumentation or customer service knowledge at Thule.

So, has anyone determined for sure whether any versions of the Thule #415 Railing Foot Pack or the #430 Tracker II Foot will work on the MDX?


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Thule 430 Tracker II feet are compatible with Yakima tracks


I have done extensive research on this topic prior to installing Yakima tracks and roof rack on my MDX. I have found that at this time, there is only one solution for the MDX that will allow cross bars to be fully adjustable and let you use your existing attachments from either Thule or Yakima. This solution is Yakima tracks.

The tracks have to be permanently attached to the MDX roof. They are similar to the roof rack tracks used by many car manufacturers for their OEM roof racks. These tracks are compatible with either Thule 430 Tracker II Feet or Yakima Railrider Towers. I installed 42" tracks on my MDX, although 54" tracks are also available if you need your cross bars to spread farther than approximately 40".

Take a look at the two previous discussion threads on this topic (including pictures, installation instructions, benefits over other solutions, etc.) and let me know if you have any questions.

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Thule Tracks

Like Mark, I also installed the Yakima tracks on my roof.

I opted for the 54-inch tracks - they work great.

I use the Thule 430 Tracker II towers.

For normal driving, I detach the roof racks to reduce wind noise and drag.

The advantage of the Thule towers is that you can mount or detach the racks faster and with less fiddling than the Yakima towers (which I used to own).

That said, both Thule and Yakima are excellent products. The roof-mounted tracks with either the Thule or Yakima towers and crossbars are a big improvement over the factory racks.

- Andy
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