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The third brake light in my 2007 stopped working. I don't know when, as I was just recently told about it. It could have stopped years ago.

After several hours of testing, etc, I found the following:

* The light itself works if, by jumper wires, you give it 8 or more volts; all 15 or so lamps go on.
* The connector to the light is delivering only 5.6 volts.
* The connector to the left brake light is delivering 6.6 volts, and that light works fine.
* Running 2 wires from the left brake light connector directly to the third light does not make it light.

I have 3 questions:

1. Why is a 12 volt system delivering only about 6 volts to these LED lights?
2. Is it likely or even possible that the third light (LED) can suddenly require more voltage than it has previously gotten?
3. Would it make sense to buy a new third light, in the hope/expectation that it would respond to only 5.6 volts? Or would I be wasting my $100?

Any help I can get will be greatly appreciated.
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