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Hi all,

The 04 MDX with 115k miles has served me well in the last 8 yrs with very little problems and thinking of the new MY16 MDX.

I test drove a MY15 MDX 2 weeks ago and really like the drive and a few things bother me a little bit were the dash, the wood trim is very little, does not balance and enhance the interior looking.

Despite not too impress with some interior details, performance and exterior of the new MDX is really impressive so I start looking seriously about pricing and options. I'm planing to get the advance and entertainment package.

I'd like to the LED fog light, front & rear pumper trims as well as running board, so far price comparison I can save a couple hundreds to do by myself and just wondering if it's worthy. I have the following questions:

1/ Does the MDX come with fog light switch on board ? does not come with pre-wiring ?
2/ Has anyone install running board before and does the mdx come ready with all mounting for the running board to be installed ?

Thank you,
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