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Things falling out from the car...

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Well, not "thingS", just 1 thing. :( Still enough to make me upset.

Some "thingy" fell out from under the passenger-side dashboard and ... right into the glove compartment!!! It's round, about 3 or 4" in diameter, 1/2" thick, has a black wire running from it and back under the dash. It has a 2-sided tape on 1 side, which, apparently, lost its sticking abilities. It also has a few duct-tape pieces, and there is also duct-tape inside behind the dash as far as I could see/feel.

After the initial "shock" went away, I turned on my analytic abilities and deduced that it can be one of several things:

1. LoJack part (trasmitter or antenna or whatever - I never actually saw LoJack parts before) Obviously, encouraging to know that my $500 did buy something after all. Though, quite stupid to place it where it was - very easy to find.

2. As suggested by Service Rep (read my comments below), it may be a Navi antenna - doubt it - I do not have Navi.

3. Anybody's guess...

I managed to get to the dealership at 5:03 PM on Monday to find out that techs leave at 5 sharp. :( A Service Rep walked to my car to take a look, but #2 from above was his best guess. :(

He did assure me though that if I managed to get there before 5 pm on any other day, a tech would look at it and fix it w/o an appointment. :) He also said that in his opinion, the car is "safe to drive" - I did not dispute that :)

Anyway, quite a long post for such a "minor" problem. Any ideas on what that might be? (I doubt I'd be able to make it by 5pm to the dealer any time soon)

Also, this thing may be a culprit behind some rattling behind the dash on the passenger side (if this is indeed an Acura part, not a "random and secret" place for LoJack). Several people reported hearing rattles in the past.
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vip- we're dying to hear what the mystery part could be...

I guess #1 based on the universal high quality level of virtually all auto electronics installations. (except those done by owners not concerned with install time)

Huh.. where's vip?? This was his last post - not like him to be this silent...
A 'friend' on another board I frequent just escaped death the other night- high speed mishap, rolled 5 times, of course totalled, but he is alive.

Has me a bit edgey I suppose- we see these posts and talk, and take the contact almost for granted- but forget that there are complete lives behind each.

Drive safe folks

Of course it begs the question:

Who installed the LoJack?

Good luck- heck, you don't need that lojack thang anyhows. (At least, lets hope you never do!)


PS Acura service- underwhelming? What a surprise...
what is it - a state secret?

Might be! do you think the lojack system will work if the thief just opens the glove box, feels around for an antenna, and snips it off before he drives away?

I'll have to add that to my "To Do when ripping off cars with LoJack" list...

While on the subject of dealers- I just got back from the Furd dealer- new AC compressor (under warranty) for my 2001 F250. What a meat market. Makes Acura look like a class act.

.... a mantle I'll pass on once a reasonably sour candidate is identified.


PS Yep, those good oldtimer barbs are back...
1 - 7 of 26 Posts
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