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Things falling out from the car...

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Well, not "thingS", just 1 thing. :( Still enough to make me upset.

Some "thingy" fell out from under the passenger-side dashboard and ... right into the glove compartment!!! It's round, about 3 or 4" in diameter, 1/2" thick, has a black wire running from it and back under the dash. It has a 2-sided tape on 1 side, which, apparently, lost its sticking abilities. It also has a few duct-tape pieces, and there is also duct-tape inside behind the dash as far as I could see/feel.

After the initial "shock" went away, I turned on my analytic abilities and deduced that it can be one of several things:

1. LoJack part (trasmitter or antenna or whatever - I never actually saw LoJack parts before) Obviously, encouraging to know that my $500 did buy something after all. Though, quite stupid to place it where it was - very easy to find.

2. As suggested by Service Rep (read my comments below), it may be a Navi antenna - doubt it - I do not have Navi.

3. Anybody's guess...

I managed to get to the dealership at 5:03 PM on Monday to find out that techs leave at 5 sharp. :( A Service Rep walked to my car to take a look, but #2 from above was his best guess. :(

He did assure me though that if I managed to get there before 5 pm on any other day, a tech would look at it and fix it w/o an appointment. :) He also said that in his opinion, the car is "safe to drive" - I did not dispute that :)

Anyway, quite a long post for such a "minor" problem. Any ideas on what that might be? (I doubt I'd be able to make it by 5pm to the dealer any time soon)

Also, this thing may be a culprit behind some rattling behind the dash on the passenger side (if this is indeed an Acura part, not a "random and secret" place for LoJack). Several people reported hearing rattles in the past.
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The electrical manual has a lot of photos, but nothing in that location that looks as you described it. Sorry I can't be of more help.
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