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Things falling out from the car...

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Well, not "thingS", just 1 thing. :( Still enough to make me upset.

Some "thingy" fell out from under the passenger-side dashboard and ... right into the glove compartment!!! It's round, about 3 or 4" in diameter, 1/2" thick, has a black wire running from it and back under the dash. It has a 2-sided tape on 1 side, which, apparently, lost its sticking abilities. It also has a few duct-tape pieces, and there is also duct-tape inside behind the dash as far as I could see/feel.

After the initial "shock" went away, I turned on my analytic abilities and deduced that it can be one of several things:

1. LoJack part (trasmitter or antenna or whatever - I never actually saw LoJack parts before) Obviously, encouraging to know that my $500 did buy something after all. Though, quite stupid to place it where it was - very easy to find.

2. As suggested by Service Rep (read my comments below), it may be a Navi antenna - doubt it - I do not have Navi.

3. Anybody's guess...

I managed to get to the dealership at 5:03 PM on Monday to find out that techs leave at 5 sharp. :( A Service Rep walked to my car to take a look, but #2 from above was his best guess. :(

He did assure me though that if I managed to get there before 5 pm on any other day, a tech would look at it and fix it w/o an appointment. :) He also said that in his opinion, the car is "safe to drive" - I did not dispute that :)

Anyway, quite a long post for such a "minor" problem. Any ideas on what that might be? (I doubt I'd be able to make it by 5pm to the dealer any time soon)

Also, this thing may be a culprit behind some rattling behind the dash on the passenger side (if this is indeed an Acura part, not a "random and secret" place for LoJack). Several people reported hearing rattles in the past.
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I am here!

Ard, I am here. Nothing new to report - did not have a chance to visit my dealer yet. maybe today - I have a half-a-day before holidays. Hopefully, they don't :)
Will keep you posted.
Well, that "thing" is "FIXED" :mad:, but I my satisfaction with Acura of Brooklyn service, which was low to begin with, went into negative territory, I think.

I stopped by around 3:30 yesterday and a NEW service advisor ran to my car, looked at the "thingy", said he had no idea and would ask a tech. Well, 3 minutes and 2 techs later, he (the service advisor) just stuck this thing back under the dash using the same!!! :mad: 2-sided sticking tape, tucked the wire under there as well, and told me that none of the techs knew what it was, so "it must be LoJack" or something else which is NOT an original part of the car. :(:(:( "If it falls off again, just use a crazy glue"

That pretty much covers this incident.
I am thinking of shooting an email to LoJack to see if they have an idea.

Meanwhile, I just pray for another Acura dealership to conveniently open in my general neighborhood. :mad:
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As expected, it fell out again. No surprise here, just p*ssed off.

I'll take a pic and post here later.
It is all but certain that the "piece in question" is LoJack. I have a tech come over later today. On the phone, "LoJack supervisor" sounded genuinely upset that this happened and I saw what the piece looks like. Puhleeze, what is it - a state secret?

Hopefully he will re-hide it, not only "stick it back" ala AoB service dept. :(
L J antenna indeed.

Took him like 30", but he thouroghly re-hid this thing.

With many apologies from both the tech and his supervisor over the phone...

Oh, gee, will AoB techs ever apologize? :)
Well, guys, I do know where the antenna is hidden now. Probably I could trace the wire to the transmitter. :D

No duct tape was used - the guy used more permanent means :)

However, duct tape and 2-sided tape seem to be a part of "standard" installation.

Both the tech and his supervisor were apologetic, professional and pleasant to deal with.

You can torture me now but I will NOT disclose where that antenna is hidden :D:D:D

I do NOT think that transmittier is hidden in the seats, though.
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Remery, what a huge pleasure it is to see that you did not lose your sarcastically sick sense of humor! Where have you been all this time - did not see you in a while.
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