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The unimaginable has happened!!!

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A nightmare come true. My wife was involved in an accident with our MDX. She was stopped at a red light with another vehicle in front of her. She got hit full force by a truck from behind at approx. 40 mph. The guy never braked. The truck pushed the MDX forward, in turn hitting a Chevy S-10 in front of her. My 2 small kids were in the 2d row. Everybody unharmed, thank God. The truck driver was very apologetic and assumed full responsability. He said he was distracted looking at another accident just a few yards before.


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more pics

I'll tell you. Acura's claim is definitely true. Hit by a full size truck at 40 mph and no intrusion into the 3rd row seat area. Real life proof of a safe vehicle.


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:cool: gOOD lUCK:cool:
Sucks, but

Obviously it completely sucks, and you will be without the truck for some time I'm assuming.

However, it looks like you have brought to light the best 'feature' of the truck -- Wife and both kids are ok. We all need to keep this in mind when we're complaining about weeping mirrors and weak stereos.
It's definitely one of the safest vehicle on the road.
Yes, the most important thing is my family. There was no damage to the engine or radiator on the front or muffler on the back. I'm calling the dealer to get their recommendation on their body shop.


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I'm very, very sorry to hear about your misfortune. But I am really, really glad that your kids and your wife are fine, that's the most important thing.

What brand and model of truck were you hit by? You mentioned full-sized truck but I was just curious.
Condolences for your MDX

Sorry to hear your family and MDX got into an accident, but I'm glad to hear everyone is ok. If your wife or kids have any neck/back stiffness, they should see a doctor. From personal experience, pain sometimes doesn't show up for a few days in a rear-ending accident.

Did the pickup driver admit to going 40mph? That seems to be a bit fast for an area with traffic lights.

I'm impressed w/ the MDX's performance. You didn't even need a trailer hitch :)

Happy to hear everyone was OK .. the truck of course is repairable / replaceable and thats why we have insurance. Yes it is a hastle to go throught all of the BS associated with getting it repaired and with the insurance company but your most valuable assets are still with you and keep that in mind.

for a full 40 MPH hit .. the MDX did very well. My friend drove me into a tree at 43 MPH when I was in high school and the impact was so intense that it ripped the back of the car. ( so please be aware if your family is sore a day or 2 after that this was a major colision and keep an eye on them to make sure ) The difference in the accidents were - your truck was able to move forward ( unfortunately there was a car in front ) on ours
( the tree did not move ).

When I first saw the picture of the front of your MDX it looked like it was making a confused face.

Again, truely sorry for what happened but thankful everyone was ok. Let us know how everything/everyone are.

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Those pics are downright scary to look at -- glad your family's OK and the MDX protected them well!

BTW don't forget to replace your kids' carseats even if they look undamaged.
I'm sure that was a very horrifying experience to your wife and kids. Thank God they're all okay! No matter how safe and careful a person drives, there are these other drivers who are not.

Just curious, which of the airbags (front, side,...) deployed? For the front, was it partial or full deployment? Did the front passenger deploy since the seat wasn't occupied?
oh no

first, thank god your family was ok... that could have been really bad.... my first reaction to seeing your MDX like this was the same as hearing someone scratch a chalkboard..... id cry if i was in an accident like that, after I killed the truck driver... its "good" to see that the MDX is a safe vehicle in real world situations, but i definitely wish you hadnt been the one to prove it....

best of luck with the repairs

Oh that hurts to look at, but the best news is the vehicle did it's main job and kept your family safe. Keep us posted on the repairs. I'm sure it's going to take a while.
Meep Meep
I am really glad to hear the family is ok.
It is also such a shame to see a fellow Ohio MDX work of art get damaged like this. Amazing that after hit by a truck at 40 mph, it looks like the MDX was still drivable. Noy many other vehicles would be.
Goodluck, keep us posted on the progress.
Sorry to hear of your accident! Gladly to hear that your family is okayed! The picture tells the story. Hope that the insurance would consider that it would be a total loss and settle you to buy a brand new one. ;)

That's pretty tough to get - full reimbursement -- most plans require that repair costs be > 65% of the vehicle's value. Unless you really mess up the engine compartment, which he said wasn't touched, they won't total it.

Besides, you'd be back in line waiting for a new one......
Again, I'm really glad everyone is okay. But other question I had -- besides the question about whether any airbags deployed, did the front seatbelt pretensioners fire (which would tighten up the belts)?
What a bummer!!!!!! Some people can be such idiots!!!!

You and your family are blessed to be in an MDX that kept you and them safe at the time of this accident. It would probably have been a different story if it were a different vehicle.

Your experience just reinforces my appreciation for My ALLI.

Good luck and hope yours regains her beauty soon.


Blk/Ebony Touring/Navi:( :( :( :(
Thank Goodness

Glad everyone is OK.

A very traumatic experience I'm sure. But luckily everyone was safe. Glad to hear the vehicle did the job for you.
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