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The "Thud" is GONE!

Like many of you, I started to hear a "thud, clunk, or groan" in the front suspension of my MDX a few months after delivery. This noise occurs when you slowly move forward, backward, or take a corner. At higher speeds or driving over rough road, it remains quiet.

After putting up with for about a month, I brought it into my dealer last July, who, of course, "found nothing wrong", so I put up with it some more until I found this forum last September.

Armed with the TSB's for this problem (thanks guys) I returned to the dealer in October and, after the parts were ordered, my dealer installed new front dampers and tightened everything. Nothing changed, it was still there.

Next part to be ordered was the coil spring tubes, which are basically some tough rubber tubing that slides over the top of the front springs preventing the spring from rubbing on the top plate and upon itself. That was it! It's now fixed!

If anybody else has this annoying noise I'd go with the spring tubes first, then the dampers (I told my dealer the same thing, but nooooooo, they had to replace the dampers first). Good luck and quiet driving.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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