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The Thud TSB

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The Thud TSB
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Thanks again Tim, I'm going to bring up symptom#2 clunk to my service tech. Will post their response and corrective action. I dont think they will hesitate since it is warranty work.
Just bumping this post to keep it current?
the TSB listed the VINs of the vehicles affected. I don't think I've noticed any of the 3 symptoms that were mentioned but my VIN# is in the range of the vehicles affected. Should I be concerned about this then?
vip9, you might be interested in this one!

My MDX is just turning 15K and I am starting to notice some clunks on the the right side. I had them perform the TSB work many months ago but the thud appears to have returned and is actually more noticeable than before I had the TSB work done and occurs now on some turns. I wasn't going to take it in for the 15K service, since I don't take cars to the dealer for oil changes or tire rotation, but I guess I will have to now.
Clunk / Thud...

We have an '03 MDX with just about 6K miles on it. Around 4.2K we started noticing the thud. Mostly just when we're breaking. So today my wife goes in and they are nice about it, but say it's "just the way the MDX is..." They give her some "Service News" bulletin that says:

"Some Brake Click Is Normal - On any Acura vehicle, clearance between the brake caliper brackets and the ends of the brake pad backing plates can cause the pads to hit the caliper brackets when you first apply the brakes in a new direction of travel (for example: backing up, applying the brakes, then driving forward and applying the brakes). The clicking you hear is a normal characteristic of the brake system; the clearance is there to allow for heat expansion an / or corrosion of the pads."

This has got to be BS in the case of the Clunk / Thud noise. I've got two friends with MDX's and no damn noise... Anyone care to comment? I'm considering taking ours in myself and see if I get the same run around...

B :( :3:
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the thud / clank noise

I have the same "Clank / Thud" noise from my 2003 MDX. Service guy says the same crap as your's, just the brake pads expansion space or some'n like that.. he said that there's a service bulletin out somewhere on this issue (but not a problem that requires fixing, and they don't entend to fix)..
These are distinctly differnent symptoms and should be easy to prove to the Rep which it is...

print out both TSBs, take them in hand, demand that the rep write up your symptoms, reproduce it with him in the car...

Going in with 'there's noise and I want it fixed' won't get you far.

And I think it is BS that the brake clunk is a 'normal feature' anyway...

BreakAway and company...
If you search around on "brake clunk" noise or something like that, you will find a lot about the brake sound (it is a different issue than this TSB). And, unfortunately, as the dealer said, Acura has said this is normal and not correctable. I believe one of the posts here has a link to the TSB about it... :rolleyes:
If it means anything, my son's 2001 Civic does the same thing, and I originally took his car into the dealer regarding the strange click/clunk from reverse to drive, but was told too it was the calipers shifting.

So when this problem started on my MDX, I just knew it was a Honda *thing*. I know some people don't like to accept it, but for me, as long as my car is still safe to drive, I'm cool.
Well I'm going in tomorrow for the Front Seat excess movement and am going to bring up the Thud TSB while I'm there (thanks Tim).

I called to make the appt and mentioned, to Santa Monica Acura, that my MDX has been making a thud / clunk noise. Got the same BS you've been fed - it's normal. I'm beginning to become bummed that my real first luxury vehicle requires so much work.

correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't the thud for 2001 year cars, and the brake clunk for all cars?
Apparently you and Santa Monica Acura have the same view. The service tech shoved some article he had in my face and promptly took a phone call. I read it and it did state the noise was 'Normal'. I showed him the TSB (which I shoved in his face) and he said that was for a different problem. One which happens when the MDX goes over bumps and then a sound/creaking is heard.

I don't think the sound is normal and I'm getting very close to washing, waxing, and slapping a for sale sign on this overpriced so called Luxury car.

Brake clunk is not an Acura specific problem. It is a normal noise for any disc brake system. Most cars have it at some degree. Alot of times people simply dont notice it.
I've calmed down ALOT since I bought this car and have had warranty work done on it so forgive my 'aggresive toned' posts toward the X and Acura.

With that said, I have owned ALOT of cars from all sorts of manufacturers and have NEVER heard a 'clunk' that is so annoying and so evident as on the MDX. These owners have paid good money for this vehicle, it has a respected reputation on the road, and Honda has been a reliable company in the past. I really don't understand why they can't admit fault and at least 'try' to fix / adjust the clunk sound for the customers. :confused:

I've learned to live with it but it does make me cringe EVERY morning when I back out of my garage and GENTLY apply the brakes. I've even had a trash digger or two glance at my X to see what that sound was.

It's def. not the perfect auto but overall it's fantastic. What auto is perfect? hmmm, I did like my 98 Accord (until it got stolen)...

FYI: This thread addresses a TSB Acura issued fror the '01 MDX regarding a front suspension issue. The problem we oldtimers (and this thread) call "The Thud" is NOT a brake issue. Hence this TSB has no bearing on your brake "thud"
Yup the thud is in regards to suspension or going over bumps, hard road.
Yup the thud is in regards to suspension or going over bumps, hard road.
Thanks, MSU. I appreciate the explanation. Whatever it is I've learned to live with it.

Update to Suspension Thud TSB?

Is there an update to the suspension thud TSB referenced in the first post on this thread? My 2002 MDX in going in for 20,000 mile/24 month service tomorrow for the transmission recall, brake clunk TSB and a noise I'm getting from the front passenger side wheel when going over a bumpy road.
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