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The Honda MDX and the stinking Odyssey...

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Just when I thought that MDX production would be up and prices will come down my friend who works at a Honda dealership forwarded me this news. Stinking Odyssey...
"Honda Lowers Expected Production Of Pilot SUV to No More Than
100,000...(Gregory L. White) Honda Motor Co. currently expects to be able to produce no more than about 100,000 of its new Pilot sport-utility vehicles in 2003, as the Canadian factory where the new truck will be made will continue to make Odyssey minivans and Acura MD-X SUVs at least through the end of March 2003, a spokesman said Sunday. Last week, Honda officials said
Pilot production could be as high as 120,000 vehicles in 2003, but that forecast was based on all Odyssey output being shifted to Honda's new factory in Alabama. The spokesman said demand for the Odyssey remains so strong that, at least through early 2003, Honda plans to supplement the Alabama plant's 150,000-vehicle annual capacity with production from the plant in Alliston, Ontario. The Pilot goes into production there in the spring of 2002 and will arrive in showrooms next summer."
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Great... I too was hoping for some good volume on the Pilot after being unable to get the MDX in the color and options I want. The $1k over msrp didn't help either :)

As for stinking Odyssey, they're not that bad. Imo, it needs an all wheel drive option for mountain driving.
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