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Thank you

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Many thanks to all the members who contribute so much to this site. Because of you I am now the proud owner of a 2002 MDX (GG, Tour/Nav). It was because of this site that the following things happened: decided to wait for the 2002 model, changed to tour/navi from tour only, changed my color to get the black interior, changed from running boards to side steps, will be saving over a $1,000 by purchasing my accessories at hondaacuraworld, and I didn't get a Ford Explorer which I was within a few minutes of signing a contract last fall. My knowledge of the MDX also increased exponentially over the past few months regarding things from extended warranties to tire chains to tinted windows to what to do when you pick up your car. This site has been more helpful than I could have hoped for and the forum has helped me to keep my sanity while waiting for the car.

Just a few comments about my car: I don't know what some of you are talking about regarding the sound system, but I was very pleasantly surprised by the sound as was my wife. The drivers seat is very comfortable. I drove 5 hours in a rental car to pick up my MDX and my back was killing me on arrival. Less than three hours later I was back on the road for a 6 hour ride home (detour around an accident added 35 miles). My back felt fine by the time I got home. Dealer experience was fair to good overall and I laughed to myself when the salesman told me I needed to give hime 5's on the survey, while thinking to myself why aren't you asking me what you can do to earn 5's. I got 20.3 mpg on the 330 mile return trip which included a 30 mph head-wind for an hour, climbing over multiple hills/mountains to 2,000-3,000 ft and shifting back and forth between 4th and 5th gear. I used the Nav feature immediately. The salesman did not know how to get to the rental car place so we just punched the address in and it worked flawlessly getting us several miles into the downtown area. I can't believe I almost didn't get the nav--it is functional, accurate and fun. I also can't believe I almost bought an explorer.

Best of all I got the car for MSRP which I had given up on. In the seattle area MDX's are still going for $1,500-2,000 over. I was waiting on delivery in Spokane for $1,000 over when I got the call out of the blue for the MSRP vehicle in Portland. Now I can get a few more accessories.

Thanks again for all your help. I have never enjoyed a car this much. I can't wait for the break in period to end so I can see what it really can do.
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Great job on the MDX! I too drove several hours to get my MDX and my back felt much better after the drive home. Even if it is not real cold outside, the heated seat feels great to a stiff back.

Good job on not going with the "Exploder". I shutter to think how close I was to buying a Grand Cherokee or Tahoe. While they are okay SUVs and many people are happy with them, I know that I would not have been nearly as satisfied with one of them as I am with the MDX. I guess that is why I never pulled the trigger on them, as they just weren't right.

I'm with you on the sound system. Granted, I am not a stereo expert, so I don't have much comparison other than the stock system on my previous truck, a Ford F-150 SuperCrew and my wife's Infinity system in her Town and Country. However, I feel the Bose system is very good. The sound is great and once I got the fade and balance worked out it does very well. I think I will enjoy it greatly on my numerous road trips.

The mileage has been quite pleasing. I got 22.5 on the trip home with all interstate driving in a very hilly region, and have gotten 18+ on local driving around home. Even with premium gas it is substantially better than the 12/16 I used to get with the SuperCrew.

Finally, I really like the ebony interior. I know a lot of people love the saddle, but I think the ebony really looks nice.

Enjoy it and let us hear how it is doing for you over time!

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