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Test Pilot needed for MDX car cover

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I've just got in what is supposedly the only custom-tailored car cover for the MDX, just released last week and sent to me for a trial. Anyone interested in test piloting it?


1. You must have access to a digital camera to take pics and post your honest opinion of the product.

2. You must keep your MDX out in the weather (whatever your weather) to give it a true "real world" test. Garaged vehicles won't be able to give it a true test. Rainy climates a plus.

In exchange, you keep the cover. First accepting post gets the deal.
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MDX Cover Pictures

Well got to install the cover that Tim sent me (Thanks Tim).
First off the cover is very lightweight has a nylon/polyester feel to it (both on the inside and outside). It was very easy to install and to my suprise it has a nice little extension in the rear for the antenna. The instructions say that you will need to cut a hole for it but that was not the case. Below I have posted several pictures and I will also follow up after I leave my MDX out for several days (we are expecting thunderstorms here in Clearwater for the next few days).

Here is the package contents, comes with storage bag, instructions, and Tim also threw in a security cable and lock (Thanks again Tim)

Here is my MDX washed before the install:

Here is the cover half-way installed. Notice the mirror pockets.

Here is the cover completely install from the rear

Here is a picture from the right side rear. Notice the Antenna cutout pouch.

Here is a shot of the cover from the front. It has a good amount of elastic on both the front and rear of the cover

Here is a shot from the front. Notice the top of the cover is a little loose on the top. I have a base MDX so the lack of a roof rack is the reason it looks loose. If you installed this cover on a Touring model it would fit much tighter on thr roof.

Overall install time was about 5 minutes. The only problem is getting up on one of the rear tires in order to fit the cover over the antenna. The cover fits nice and tight on the sides and looks as though it will stay on well in moderatly windy conditions.
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Sorry Last picture was suppose to be:

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Looks like a nice cover, but the question about the inside rubbing against the finish is a fair one. I know some covers come with fleece linings.
For occasional use it might not matter, but for daily users that could be a concern.
I don't want to undermine anyone's efforts, but I don't think you can beat these. Plus, they are even tailored for the model of MDX you have, not to mention a half dozen types of covers including flannel lined.
A customized MDX cover (rack, no rack,etc. ) with flannel lining from will run $169.
So maybe it gets down to money.

Thanks for posting the pictures.


Thanks for posting the web site.

So far both manufacturers claim that their covers won't scratch the finish.
Calcarcover recommends using a commercial washer for most of their covers.
Tim's cover looks very small and lightweight.

I'll have to see how they compare accoring to the following criteria:

Machine washable (I have a Maytag Neptune front loader).
Light weight but not so light that it is impossible to take off/put on during slightly windy days.
A light color to reflect the sun's rays.
A snug fit.
Small size when rolled/folded.
Pouch for Antenna and mirrors.
Room for racks.
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You probably wont have a problem with that washer, no agitator.
Besides, if you hose them on the car, reverse them, hose them again, every few months, you probably never need to put them in the washer. That's mentioned on the calcover site too.
Of course, washing the cover on the car would be done just before you plan to shampoo your vehicle and polish it!
Sure, let's see what you find out.
Will it fit?

Another consideration is.... what if the X had roof rack, fender flare and front bumper trim installed? Will the cover still fit? :confused:

Thanks again rvehock for your info!
Bottom line is that I would have to be able to sell this cover for $159.00 shipped. Is it worth it for me to carry?
I think the price point is about right. But there is some concern if the same cover will work as well if the X has a rack, or rear deflector (front deflector too?)
You don't want it too baggy to allow for all options, but you don't want it so tight it has too be stretched more to adequately cover the bottom part of the car. And the recommended method of cleaning. Maybe someone from the mfr. could answer those questions.
I also think members want the minimum amount of rubbing against the finish.
I think that sums it up IMHO. I guess we are a fussy bunch. :)
DaleB said:
I think the price point is about right. But there is some concern if the same cover will work as well if the X has a rack, or rear deflector (front deflector too?)
You don't want it too baggy to allow for all options, but you don't want it so tight it has too be stretched more to adequately cover the bottom part of the car.
Hey Tim, I would be happy to test a second MDX cover (half joking but still trying to take advantage of my second place finish:D ). As you know, I have the roof rack and also the bike rack on top of mine. Maybe the manufacturer would go for a second demo??:) (can't blame a guy for trying, right?)
I left my MDX out in the rain for the last couple days. I checked on it this morning and it seems to have handled the rain and wind (up to 30mph) well. Although it is not completly waterproof, it does breathe very well. I am not sure about tree Sap as my oak trees are not in the 'Sap Mode' yet. I had one of those heavier cover when I owned my Porche and I found that I did not use as often because if the weight of it. I think that the cover may be worth the price from my perspective.
As for the rear deflector and roof rack, the cover seems to have more than adequate room for those items. The cleaning insructions from the user manual state:

It is important to keep your cover clean. Over time your cover will become soiled from the elements it was created to protect your vehicle from. We recommend the following two procedures to adequately clean the fabric without causing damage.

1. Install the cover over the vehicle. Starting from the top, throughly hose off the entire outside of the cover. Remove the cover and place it back on the vehicle inside out. Starting from the top, hose off the entire inside of the cover. Shake out excess water and allow the cover to air dry before using or storing. DO NOT machine dry this cover!

2. A really soiled cover can be washed in a large capacity commercial washing machine (avaliable at you local laundromat). Wash in cold water only, using a modest amount of mild liquid cleaner. DO NOT use a softner. Shake out excess water and allow cover to air dry before using or storing. DO NOT machine dry this cover!
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It's sounding better all the time. I'm sure some zainoaddicts will be skittish washing the cover on the car, but as I previously suggested, they could just wash it when they plan to do a good wash down and re-polish of their vehicle right after.
Then there's always the laundromat.
Just going by the pictures, the cover appears to be more robust than the usual
ones you see in AutoZone Pep Boys, etc.

What is the status of the car covers. Will you be offerring them?
MDX Cover Update

FYI, I have used the MDX cover several times since I posted the original pictures. I have used it in both rain and shine and it seems to be holding up fine. I wanted to thank Tim again for the opportunity to test this product out.
I can sell the covers for $159 if memory serves me correctly, but I haven't got any input as far as if there is any demand on these things. If you guys want them, I'll sell them.
Tim, if you will offer them; I want one.
Tell you what....I'll order half a dozen this week, and we'll see how it goes. I'll post here when they come in.
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