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Test Pilot needed for MDX car cover

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I've just got in what is supposedly the only custom-tailored car cover for the MDX, just released last week and sent to me for a trial. Anyone interested in test piloting it?


1. You must have access to a digital camera to take pics and post your honest opinion of the product.

2. You must keep your MDX out in the weather (whatever your weather) to give it a true "real world" test. Garaged vehicles won't be able to give it a true test. Rainy climates a plus.

In exchange, you keep the cover. First accepting post gets the deal.
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13BRAVO said:
Hey All,

Have been MIA for almost a month now but I am back...for a short while anyway....:rolleyes:

Saw this post about the car cover and as I might be leaving my car for about a month possibly while I travel, I had some questions that myabe you guys can answer:

Stupid question # 1 -- Does anyone know whether it is legal or not to leave your car covered on the street? Also, if there is anyone in NYC (where I live) that might know specifically about here, it would be a great help.

Stupid question # 2 -- Does anyone know whether or not it would be a bad idea to leave my car under the cover for that long (or possibly longer) a time frame in 80 to 100 degree weather?

Thanks in advance!!

I believe it would not be a problem if you DON'T have opposite side of the street parking or if your gut feeling tells you that the cover WON'T get stolen. When in doubt call the local precinct.

IMHO letting your car sit for over a month would not be beneficial to your car. I would ask a close family member or a good friend to do you a favor and watch your X, just for the peace of mind.
13BRAVO said:

Let someone else near MY mdx???? NEVER!!! Are you crazy?!?!?!?!?


Just kidding, believe it or not, I really don't have anyone I could do that with. I know it takes its toll but I am not terribly worried about a month...longer than that yes, but not so much for a month. I called my local precinct and they said I could NOT do it, that it is against the law. They are probably right but it is rather discriminatory against those people who do not have garages or driveways if you ask me...... :mad:
I doubt the police have time to look underneath car covers UNLESS your neighbors are ball busters and call your car in for looking suspicious.
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