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Test Pilot needed for MDX car cover

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I've just got in what is supposedly the only custom-tailored car cover for the MDX, just released last week and sent to me for a trial. Anyone interested in test piloting it?


1. You must have access to a digital camera to take pics and post your honest opinion of the product.

2. You must keep your MDX out in the weather (whatever your weather) to give it a true "real world" test. Garaged vehicles won't be able to give it a true test. Rainy climates a plus.

In exchange, you keep the cover. First accepting post gets the deal.
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I have a digital camera and I can leave it out in the wheather (Florida)
Tim, Not to pile on here but I have a digi camera and park mine in my driveway in Michigan. Last night we received several inches of snow so it definitely would get a weather test. I would be happy to be test pilot B if there is one.

I have a digital camera, but our weather pattern might not suit the tests you are looking for. Here in SF Bay, it's real spring like weather. However, would not mind getting and keeping the cover :)
car cover

I live in about 30 miles north of New York City and unfortunately have to leave my car in the driveway, subject to all the elements. I would love to test the cover. I have a 2000 Granite Green that I would love to protect and take pictures for you.
Summer heat test


I live in Southern California. It normally get up to 108 in the summer. I'd love to test your car cover. My MDX has both front and rear air deflectors. (And a factory roof rack.)


rvehock was the first volunteer. I'll be sending it to him this week, and he'll have a full report for us.
Can't wait :) How much is it going to cost?
A car cover is next on my wish list. I park my X in my driveway which is shaded by large trees. Therefore tree sap is a big problem for me, especially since it is getting warmer here in the south. So, I am very interested in what rvehock has to say about the cover. How much will it cost, Tim?
I don't have a price nailed down yet, but it's probably going to be in the $150-$160 range.

How thick is the material?

I'm looking for a fairly thick "anti-hail" cover to use in emergencies. I wish I had one for our WRX last month! It's still going through the healing process.

I had a Noah cover for a Civic and it was excellent in wet weather but too thin for hail protection.
MDX Cover Questions


What kind of material is it?
Is it machine washable?
What colors are available?
Does it have a hole for the antenna?
Does it have custom fittings for the mirrors?
Where's the latch thingy I ordered months ago?
I'll call you Monday.


Don't forget to post how you put it on and take it off.

I've used car covers for both a CL and Integra for years and was always able to roll it up so that it is easy to store and also to put on the car (if you've seen the Civic commercial you'll know what I mean).

In one of the BSM threads I posted tips on how to reduce the size of your pictures so that it doesn't take forever to load these pages.
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As soon as I get it I will answer all of your questions (I hope).
Car Cover

Tim (hondacuraworld):

I also would be very interested in purchasing a car cover. Looks like you have a bunch of people interested in purchasing this cover. Any chance for a bulk purchase order again?

Is this made from Acura or an independent company.

Please reply soon, as I am looking to purchase one real soon.

I have a '02 Black w/ Ebony interior and I am looking to protect my vehicle from the sun's damaging rays.
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MDX Cover

Well got the MDX Cover from Tim, here are some information off of the product box.

It is made by INTRO-TECH the part # is DMAC2065:

Silver polyester material, 150 Denier woven polyester, coated with aluminized polyurethane and acrylic, Soft and non-abrasive to clear coat finishes, Will not absorb water like some perforated covers, Nearly water proof, yet breathable, Extremely lightweight and yet extremely protective, Custom cut mirror pockets, Eyelet's for cable lock, Snug fit all the way around, Long and low coverage to keep wheels clean, Storage bag included, Lifetime warranty.

I will be washing my MDX this weekend. I will take a series of pictures before during and after I install the cover. One thing for sure, there is no cut-out for the antenna. You must first remove the antenna and then cut a hole and then install a special "patch" over the hole that you cut out.

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What are the cleaning instructions -- I sometimes have to park outside a studio where there are way too many birds... I could do with a cover to protect from their droppings.

Rail said:
What are the cleaning instructions -- I sometimes have to park outside a studio where there are way too many birds... I could do with a cover to protect from their droppings.
Maybe Tim can hook you up with a scarecrow/roof rack attachment!:D Tim?
Instructions state that it can be machine washed and line dried.

Also here is the picture from my last post.

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Hmm, Polyester. Some car care purists claim that polyester threads in towels scratch your paint and only recommend pure cotton towels. On the other hand is leaving the MDX uncovered worse?


Does the inside feel soft?

Pretty soon the Jacaranda trees will be releasing sap and I can tell you from experience that it takes a long time to remove the sap using clay once it has baked on the paint for a while.

I was hoping for a cotton cover but if this is the only custom fit one then I'll consider joining a group buy for this.

Does the cover come with a patch for the antenna hole?
I would rather not have any holes on the top but I'm not sure if I want to unscrew the antenna each time I use the cover.

Does anyone have a weeping antenna? I saw a 2001 which has a weeping/bent antenna. Not sure if it just sagged or if the driver hit something.
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I was wondering if the cover could fit over the antenna without putting a hole in it. I agree with bef in not wanting to put a hole in the cover.:confused:
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