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Had to part with my sports cars as my wife and I decided to buy a house, our family grew, so we got rid of our Civic and bought a 2011 MDX Advance. It's the most "car guy" SUV/CUV I could think of outside of a Porsche Cayenne or maybe an X5 or something. But I like the styling of the MDX better anyways.

So yeah, I'm here to learn about my new "toy" and see what other people have done to modify them. I replaced the cabin air filter today (disgusting), thoroughly cleaned the carpets and headliner, and ran a heavy dose of Febreeze through the HVAC system to get rid of the previous owner's smell. It's not a horrible smell, but it's not something I enjoy.

Look forward to interacting with you all!

Does anyone actually read these? :wink:
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