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Tapping into the bus cable for the externl cd changer

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Does anyone know if there is a way to tap into the bus cable for the external CD changer on a Base MDX so that you can input the line out signals from a portable MP3 player?

I'm not familiar with the MDX's unit, but I assume that the CD changer takes care of converting the bits on a CD to an analog signal and then sends the analog audio to the head unit. IF this is the case, maybe we can tap into the left & right inputs and insert our own signal.

Also, with the CD changer installed, how do you select weather you are listening to a CD in the Head Unit versus a CD in the Changer?

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Thank for the info rvehock. I saw that the same company makes a product for Clarion Changers connecting to an Acura / Honda head unit. Except this one has RCA inputs that can be used for connecting an MP3 Player. It's on the same web page that you have provided ( )

I just ordered one from Auto Sound Gear

Apparently, this unit will let you connect a Clarion CD CHanger, but in addition to that, you can connect a portable player using the RCA input.. This would solve the problem of not having an AUX input.

1 - 2 of 24 Posts
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