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Tacscar is a detailing site i found on the web, seemes pretty good to me. This is how they reecomend the "Ultimate shine":

The Ultimate Shine
The most common question we get is what is the best way to get the best looking car. Here are our suggested favorites. This is not the only way........ but our favorite.

Wash: All great detailing jobs start with the wash. First get two (2) buckets, one for your shampoo and one for rinsing your chenille mitt.

Get a good automotive shampoo and stay away from dishwashing soaps for regular washings. Automotive shampoos are less caustic and won't strip your wax job off of your car like cheap car washes or dishwashing soaps. We suggest P21S or Platinum Ultimate Shampoo

Use a good cotton chenille mitt. Cotton chenille mitts will not scratch or swirl your paint like sponges or towels will. This may be the most important part of your wash job.

Find a shady spot to prevent your water from drying too quickly and start at the top of your car and wash down to prevent dragging dirt from the bottom of your car back up to the top.

Paint Prep

Claying: I just can't say enough about claying your car. Claying will remove contaminants and provide you with a "slick as glass" surface to work on. Claying is a simple process and will pay huge dividends.

Polish: If your car is one (1) year old or older and hasn't been polished, then it is probably time. Polishing removes light scratches, swirls, and other paint imperfections and brings out your paint's glossy shine. You really only need to polish one (1) to two (2) times a year since polishes are abrasive and do remove a very small amount of paint/clear coat. The removal of the paint/ clear is a necessary evil. This removal evens out your paint to make a smoother surface or to make the hard edges of a scratch blend in with the area around it to make it less noticeable. Polishes also flatten out the paint's surface. If you look at a cross section of a painted car, you will see that it is uneven. By evening out the paint the surface becomes smoother making for better reflective qualities. The more reflective = a better shine. Our favorite polishes are 3M Swirl Mark Remover for dark or light cars.

Paint Cleaner: If your car is newer, or you are between time for polishing, paint cleaners do a great job at cleaning the paint with non-abrasive cleaners or solvents. These cleaners do a great job at removing soap and road film and really bring out a car's shine. They are safe to use as often as you want. We highly reccommend a good paint cleaner. Our favorite is P21S Paintwork Cleansing Lotion.

Glaze: A glaze is a product that contains fillers that actually hide a cars imperfections such as swirls. The down side is that these products have a short lifespan. The upside is that they contain oils that will make your car shine like crazy with a really deep look. If I was prepping for a car show, I'd grab One Grand Omega Glaze to prep my paint. If I'm detailing my everyday driver, I'd skip this step just because it has such a short lifespan. If you enjoy detailing or your car is garaged the bulk of the time a glaze is certainly a viable option with an unbeatable look.


Wax: Once all of the hard work is gone into getting your car washed and prepped it is time to add your wax. A wax is a product designed to protect your paint and add shine. Any good quality wax will contain carnuba. Carnuba is a natural wax that is imported from Brazil. It is the hardest natural wax and don't waste your time on any wax that doesn't contain it. Wax also protects your cars finish from the elements and keeps all of that hard prep work in tact between detail jobs. We recommend One Grand Blitz Wax or P21S Concours Wax. Both are great waxes. P21S will produce a better shine but it is a softer wax and will not last as long. Blitz is a harder carnuba wax that has a great lifespan.

Sealant: If you are interested in the lifespan of a wax, then grab a sealant. Sealants have much higher fracture (melting points) than natural waxes do. This means that sealants will not start melting and evaporating on the hot hood of your car. Sealants can also be a little trickier to use than natural waxes. They also produce a better shine. The downside to many enthusiasts is that while producing a better shine, the look is not as deep and can be considered "plasticy looking". What has become popular is to take a carnuba wax and top it over a sealant. Its kind of a best of both worlds combination.


Quick Detailing: Okay you have the best looking car in town, how do you keep it looking that way? A good quality quick detailer is the key. A good QD will bring back the shine and add life to your wax/sealant. I highly recommend using a QD after every wash. This will remove soap scum and bring out the slickness and shine to your car's paint. This will also aid in the longevity of your wax and its ability to protect. Platinum Ultimate Gloss Enhancer is an excellent QD if you are using a sealant such as Klasse. Or if you are using a carnuba wax One Grand Show off or Eimann Fabrik's Clear Pearl are excellent choices. :eek:

Any one have any comments?

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I kept it simple with great results.

1) First wash with Dawn

2) Clay bar the car...

3) Wash again.

4) Polish with Zaino Z1 or ZFX.

5)Polish over dried Z1 or ZFX with Z2 or X5 (recommended for darker colors).

6) Spray with Z6 detailer, for final buffing.

Keep repeating 5 and 6 for as long as you want.

Every week or two repeat 1) ( but use Zaino Z7.. NOT DAWN!!! or you will remove the shiny finish) and repeat 5) and 6) as often as you want again.

After a buildup of a few coats, you wont need any chemicals to remove bird droppings, etc. Usually a damp (water) cloth will be enough.
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