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I though this was a belated April Fool's jike until ...

... I noticed the date :rolleyes: But newbies must be using Search :D
TheWorm said:
I noticed some superfine swirl marks, primarily on the hood of my black MDX. They look like very fine scratches, somewhat cloudy, as opposed to the spiderwebbing/swirl you sometimes get from waxing on a dark car. I can try and take some pics tomorrow when it's sunny, but am not sure if they'll come out on a camera.

I am guessing that the dopes @ the dealer used a dirty rag when they waxed my car before delivery.

Suggestions? I'm thinking Dawn on the hood to remove everything, and a re-wax, and haven't a clue which kind to use or whether there's something in between I ought to do to get rid of them.

The dealer is nowhere near where I live, so a return trip isn't feasible.

Thanks in advance.
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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