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SUVs pass crash tests -MDX Review CNN

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Another good review about our SUV...
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IIHS has a new report in which it classifies MDX as a mid-size SUV. Ford Explorer/Mercury Moutainerer also fared well and were comparable to the 'X. However, there was no mention about the X5. Is X5 in different class now?

However, the IIHS says pretty good things about MDX. Congratulations all you owners out there!
Yup, I just saw the report on FOX. They showed the MDX being being put to the concrete barrier crash test. The passenger compartment was undamaged, the airbag deployed properly and the dummy was "unhurt".

I have been waiting for the IIHS to test my beloved MDX. Glad it got the best rating they hand out!

The IIHS offset crash test results for the MDX have been out for a few months already. The X5 is still in the same class. It too received a "Good" and "Best Pick", as does the Lexus RX300, MB M-class, and now the Ford Explorer, for this particular test. There is no pass or fail since this is not a government mandated test, unlike the rest of the world.
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