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Suspension noise?

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I've noticed that when going slowly over bumps, especially speed bumps, the suspension makes a funny noise. It sounds like a large half-empty tin tank of fluid is sloshing noisily around. Is this the noise the MDX suspension is supposed to make?

Anyone else notice this?
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coming from the rear? it's the gastank. known issue. no fix -- inherent since the tank is amidships (3rd seat fold and spare tire) and isn't well insulated.

what happens if you come to a "sudden" stop from 2 or 3 mph? same deal?
Hello All,

I have posted my concern about rear end noises before and have found the problem and the solution:

Seems that the rear sway bar is loose when shipped from the factory and needs to be tightened by the prep dept. of your dealer. Of course they forgot to tighten it on my MDX and thus lots of clinks and clunks in the rear. Took it in for 10 minutes and wallllllah...sounds and rides great..makes me feel much much better.

Check em out guys...dealers are not always too smart on this one.

Danny, were you able to fix your "suspected" suspension noise? I just asked because I have that same noise coming from the right rear side. I will ask service dept. to diagnose the source since I'm bringing in my MDX tomorrow for its 3750 mi oil change. It's annoying!!!
gas tank vs. suspension

I still hear it. I'm not sure if it's the gas tank or a suspension issue. There seem to be quite a few who have heard these sounds from their MDX. I haven't hit 3700 miles yet, but when I do I'll be sure to have it checked into.
My MDX just started making a weird clunking noise from the left rear near the tire. It makes it a lot when the car first gets out of the garage and then disappears after driving for a while. I brought it to the dealer and they said that they were going to replace the struts and Dampers on BOTH sides - and that they had to order the parts.

When I got the car home, I looked underneath and was shocked to see that the left shock (Damper) was leaking fluid - it was dirty and there was fluid on the garage floor.

I called our Acura dealer and asked if anyone even looked at the car - because this was an easy fix - there was no need to replace half of the rear suspension. Anyway, they said that they didn't look at the car - but drove it and thought that this would be "what would make us happy".

So, with any luck, this problem is only the shock - I'd advise anyone who is hearing noise from the rear to inspect their shocks - comparing one side to the other to see if it might be leaking.
The noise was diagnosed as rear strut problem. Dealer will replace once parts come in.
philh said:

When I got the car home, I looked underneath and was shocked to see that the left shock (Damper) was leaking fluid - it was dirty and there was fluid on the garage floor.
I checked under my X tonight at the suggestion of frostyra who thought a broken sway bar might explain the transmission "banging" I feel on quick acceleration. What I found may be the cause of another problem I've noticed the past several weeks - a "squeaky" noise coming from the right rear when going over bumps. When I checked under the X tonight, found the right rear damper joint full of grease (the left side was dry) which probably explains the noises I've been hearing.

Now if my transmission problems were so easy to figure out...
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