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We are about to receive a new base model MDX in the next week or so. A stereo upgrade is planned as outlined below:

* Keep stock head unit as I don't want to go there
* Upgrade the front speakers with Infinity Kappa Perfect 6.1 component set Eventually upgrade the rears using 2 way Infinity Kappa speakers
* Add a JBL P80.4 4-channel amplifer (40W RMS to each of the 4 speakers. The amp has speaker level inputs as well as RCA's. I will install it under the passenger seat.
* Add an Infinity Basslink 10" self powered 200W sub (also speaker level inputs as well as RCA's).
* Adding a aftermarket 6 disc CD changer.

My questions:
* I know that adding an amp by way of speaker level inputs is a no-no in a high end system. However, I don't want to mess with the stock head unit. Since the amp and self powered sub have speaker level inputs, is it still better to use a line leveler? What's the advantage of the using a line leveler if that's the case.
* Has anyone upgraded their system with Infinity Kappa Perfect Components? Is it as strait forward as many other the other speaker upgrades here (outside of the crossover)? Where did you locate the large crossovers that are supplied with the speakers!
* For the amount of power the amp supplies, is it really worth the trouble of upgrading the speaker wire?
* Has anyone added an aftermarket CD Changer? Where did you install it? Is it hard to get at the connnector on the head unit? Has anyone installed one in the glove compartment?

Thanks for the help! :rolleyes:

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If you want some comments on system design, you might try this forum:

They are hardcore audio folks. I've been trying to get an answer there about 2 ohm speaker upgrades for my MDX. I've been looking at Soundstream and Orion, both make speakers rated less than 4 ohm.
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