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I'm wondering if anyone else has had this problem-My '01 MDX has about 19k and beginning last week I noticed that the cruise control"cancel" button stopped working. I went to the dealer and they ordered a new switch. Over the next day I noticed that the audio contols on the other side of the steering column stopped working.Two days later,the cruise control stopped working entirely, the SRS light went on and the horn stopped working. I'm assuming that the SRS light is for the driver airbag.
I went back to the dealer and initially they told me there were two wires that had been cut and that they could diagnose the problem but it would not be covered under the warranty because I had installed an after market stereo. My stereo dealer tells me they tapped into the fusebox with one wire,but that should have had no effect here.The dealer found that the "cable reel"(whatever that is) burned out and that they would cover it this time.
Does anyone know what a "cable reel" is?
Has anyone else lost the steering wheel functions?
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