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Stainless Manik side steps on a GG

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Installed the side steps last night. Installation was straightforward and easy. I did actually start to put the passenger side on the driver’s side. Oh well! Like DMOR said there is some adjustment for how close they fit to the body. I installed these as close to the body as they would go because we though that was the best look. On cars that ride close to ground (like my daughters Geo Storm) the steps will stop an offending door before it reaches the MDX’s sides

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An idea on how far they are from the body.

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Nice Look

mind telling me what the cost was incl shipping? Thanks.
Happy Trails.

They were $412. That included $45 shipping. I got them from the guy DMOR used in Calif. So, my shipping charges were higher (CA to OH).
I bought my black ones from $220 + shipping. They quoted me $350 + shipping on the stainless ones. They also negociate. I got about $50 off because I bought the Form-fit bug deflector and Weathertech cargo mat at the same time.:cool:
Wow! They (almost ;)) look better on the darker color than on my MB! Look how they bring out the chrome accents and pull it all together. Very nice!! :cool:
I got the ss Manik from for $344.10 including shipping (no tax, they are in FL). This was the cheapest I can find. It arrived yesterday, ordered last Wednesday. I installed them last night, will post some pictures next week after I get my chrome wheels this weekend.
Look forward to seeing some pic. Just out of the box, how do they look compared to what DMor and nwaring show in their photos. the price ios nice, tho.

Happy Trails.
It's the same one made by Manik. They don't have it on their website when I ordered. I called and they had just gotten them. It's actually shipped from Manik in California. Just got back from the weekend trip to LA and got the chrome wheel while down there. Will post some pictures tonight.
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