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This is for an '02 MDX Touring with 195k miles, NEVER had an accident for the life of the vehicle and airbags have never deployed. I DID just take it into the dealership several days ago to have them check the airbag inflator due to the recent recall and they let me know mine isn't affected.

My SRS light was on for some months. After the dealer did the recall inspection and advised me I needed to have the SRS light diagnosed and fixed, I finally got to resetting via the paperclip-in-yellow-cable method which turned the light off. But after 2 driving trips it came on again.

I followed instructions to jump OBD pins 4 & 9 to have my system flash the DTC for me and got the result shown in the video here

It looks like I have code 10-5 as well as code 10-3, right? This car has never been in an accident and no airbags have ever deployed. Does this mean both belt tensioners need to be replaced? Would removing and sending to a service like Safety Restore be the fix?

Any help would be greatly appreciated, thank you for both your time and expertise!

For reference, this is where I went for the OBD pin jump and code reading information: DIY: SRS Codes and reading them.
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