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South Florida Club

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Lets start a south florida club. This way we can discuss our experiences with local dealers, etc.
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I'm in Orlando, and I have started to see a handfull of MDX's around here, I'm thinking of waiting for the 2002 before I buy, but I will probably go down south to buy it.
Excuse a Midwesterner for butting in ....

I was down in the Keys for a week in May and didn't see a single MDX the entire time, from Miami to Key West. Believe me I was looking. I know their isn't a Acura dealer south of Miami but whats up?
Re: Excuse a Midwesterner for butting in ....

I drive down to Miami every month to visit family and I see more MDX's in Orlando and Pompano/Westpalm then in Miami, I guess the word has not gotten around down there,,,

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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