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Sound Proofing

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Has anyone with a 2001 gone through the trouble to add the soundproofing to the doors and roof that was added to the 2002? I searched the forums and found many members thought this is was a good idea - mainly in reference to a stereo upgrade. I am curious to know what materials were used. Also - does any one have an opinion on Dynamat vs. Cascade?

Cheers !
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Hotstab: welcome aboard.

I remember that Dmor added soundproofing around the windshield of her 'X to make it quieter. It was quite effective. If you search in the gallery section(i think) you should be able to find her detailed thread. regarding soundproofing for audio, i would recommend you asks the guys in the audio section.

hope this helps.
2002 Sound Proofing

We have a 2002, thought that Acura only made glass thicker or something like that.

Did Acura increase sound proofing in other areas and what did they do?

How effective are the changes [are the 2002s noticably quieter than the 2001s]?
From the Winter 2002 Acura Style Magazine "A variety of enhancements have been made to produce a quieter, more comfortable ride. These include thicker windshield glass, and acoustic roof lining material from front to rear. A layer of Thinsulate insulation has also been added to key areas of the interior, including inside the door panels." Many members suggest either upgrading the sound system, or turning up the music. Both are viable approaches, but I think I will try some acoustic damping material in the front and rear doors.
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