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Some rain guard over Driver and Passenger door

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When the rain is coming down and the front two windows are open, rain lands on the electrical window mechanisms. Is their some kind of rainguard that can be installed over the top of the door?
Why would I have my window down in the rain? Just going through a drive through coffee house you have to roll your window down, rain or not.
The door sticks out farther than the top of the rood and rain comes straight in.
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they're in the works!

Funny you should mention. They are in production now, and I'll be selling them myself in a couple of months. They aren't genuine Acura, but as long as I feel they'll measure up, I'll have them for sale on the website. The people that distribute them will only sell to dealers, so I've decided to get into the game.

No word on an exact price yet, but guessing around $60 for a set of 4.

I understand top rpm is governed, but what is the estimatyed top inon the MDX. We will keeo it quite.
After searching endlessly through the shop manual, all I can say for sure is that it is controlled by a signal from the crankshaft position sensor. I do know that in general most rev limiters will have a different limit in park than during driving.

I will say that the best sign that you've over-revved your engine is localized pains in your right hip pocket and the feeling that your engine will fit loosely into a five gallon bucket :D
As per a suggestion from A4L (and a good idea), I'm reposting this in the "accessories" section, and under a thread that was most appropriate, rather than create a new one:


Not direct from Acura, but made by VentVisor right here in the USA. I have just received my first shipment of 12 at 69.00 for the set of 4, in a dark smoke tint. Give me jingle or drop an email if interested!! The quality is excellent, and they install with an adhesive tape. Can't wait to see 'em on an MDX, but we're out of MDXs :(

I've donated a set of the ventvisors to Sidewinder, who'll be posting pics of them after he's installed them. Stay tuned!
Rain Guards

Local Guy installed custom MDX rain guards in a dark smoke

They stick on with included 3M tape and look great.

They were a few bucks less than the ones Tim is selling, but he beats everyone else on everything.
They're now available online, on my website for those interested!
Vent shades are available from

Pep Boys for $49.95...they look good.

Love it that I can crack the windows open when it is hot or raining.
VENT SHADES - FROM TIM !!!!!!!!!!!!!

I bought the vent shades from TIM and LOVE THEM. They rock!!!

I recommend them to ALL members !!
They are 150% functional and look sporty too, especially with the front windows tinted (15%).

WHen ever I get my hands on a digital camera, I'll take pictures.

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