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Some basics

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I have a Saab wagon coming off lease in June, and recently went through a six-month order-and-wait for a TT. What's the current lead time like for an MDX? Seems like many posts are indicating a premium over sticker. Does this hold true in the bigger markets?

Any advice appreciated. Great forum.
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It all depends on where you are located, and how far you are willing to travel to get the vehicle. Please post where you are looking to buy the vehicle from.
Thanks. I'm in DC. I guess I'd be willing to travel for a good price, but I'm in no particular rush.
In your neck of woods, Florida seems to be a good choice. No waits, decent price. Nice way to break it in.

Good Luck.
wait on mdx

depends on where located and how much over msrp you pay for as little as two months as long as 6-12 months definitely worth the wait or the cost nothing compares to it it it a unique vehicle in a class by itself just got my 2002 tour w/nav and very happy with all features except for the pricing where i am and the dealers atitude. it was worth it even dealing with the dealer's bs on the vehicle, i researched for 9 months prior to purchase and drove everything that might come close such as mercedes, bmw, lexus, cadillac, gmc, and toyota. nothing even came close. good luck :D :D :D
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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