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SOLVED--DPSF DPSF-II Are They Different?

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Hi All,

I am about to change the differential fluid in a 2023 MDX AWD-Advanced and the manual calls for DPSF-II fluid. Went to the Acura dealership today and the bottle says DPSF. When I asked him about the -II he said they all use this fluid. Is this correct? I was not able to find any bottles online with the -II so assume that it is correct but of course want to verify with the forum.

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Just like the old threads already covered ….
It’s the same base part number. They are the same. If it was totally different , it would be a completely different part number .
not only that, if I asked Acura to change my fluid and they tell me they have none and it’s back ordered for 6-months to a year under the Acura brand, how do you suppose they will change everyone’s fluid?
They will pick up some Honda branded fluid and call me when it’s done.
The A or any number thereafter could be distinguishing revision or even supplier or the sticker label. It also allows them to charge a premium under a slightly different part number.

I wouldn’t even worry about it. Do you see any threads from anyone “oMG my diff blew up with Honda branded DPSF-II”
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