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SOLVED--DPSF DPSF-II Are They Different?

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Hi All,

I am about to change the differential fluid in a 2023 MDX AWD-Advanced and the manual calls for DPSF-II fluid. Went to the Acura dealership today and the bottle says DPSF. When I asked him about the -II he said they all use this fluid. Is this correct? I was not able to find any bottles online with the -II so assume that it is correct but of course want to verify with the forum.

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American Honda Motor Co. never came out with DPSF-II in the U.S. for Acura although it shows up as the rear differential fluid to use in MDX Owners Manuals going back to around 2016. Dealers were told to just use Acura DPSF ….. even up to this day, unless it changed recently.
Honda Dual Pump Fluid II (DPF-II) is very similar to DPSF in composition but not exactly the same. Even the color is slightly different between the two. But because they are so similar (almost identical), and their usage in either application do not appear to result in any mechanical issues, they have become somewhat interchangeable by both Honda and Acura dealers.
And although the P/N of both are identical except for the “A” on the end of the Acura DPSF (08200-9007A), the “A” doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the same exact part (in this case anyway) as the Honda P/N (08200-9007).
Hope this sheds a little light on the confusion.
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