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I recently picked up a 2014 Elite and before taking possession, I noticed that the interior lights and auto headlights weren't working. The dealer fixed it, telling me it was just a fuse (fuse #30, driver's side fuse box).

Today, while checking my telematics unit (was supposedly upgraded from CDMA to LTE last night, but still no reception - pulled unit and it's not the new part # - well done Acura Canada / Acura Dealer (Acura supplied the $1000 part and I paid for the labour, since I'm well past the 80k / 4 years goodwill replacement)), I noticed the driver's footwell light was dangling by the wires, and not inserted in the obvious place in the metal frame (see pic of proper insertion). While trying to insert it, the back touched the metal frame and shorted out fuse #30.

I don't see how this could just fall out (now that it's back in, it very secure) and suspect that it may never have been inserted properly right from the factory. I've seen several other threads where people have had the interior lights out / fuse blown and this might be the reason why. I recall one post where the OP couldn't figure out why it was sometimes weeks and other times months between the fuse blowing. Maybe the light bounces around while driving and only sometimes touches the metal frame and shorts out.

The light is just to the left of the brake pedal, although you should be able to easily see it, if it's not shorted Also, for some weird reason, the bulb is not LED like the ceiling lights.


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