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Sold MDX because of width, bought RX 300!!

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Hi everyone!

I've been lurking on this site for sometime now while I had my deposit down at Ball Acura in San Diego. Even though I was concerned of the MDX being wide, I took you guys suggestion and bought it, but after living with it for one month I find it TOO WIDE to live with. I just sold it yesterday - didn't lose too much though. I'm MUCH HAPPIER now with RX 300 I bought instead.....much more fun and easier to drive, park in my garage etc. (also to park in parking lots and street areas) I'm sorry too because MDX was such a good car with nice styling and performance. Navi system was also really great, but oh well :(

BTW this is a really great site. The best I've seen. Too bad I don't have the MDX anymore :(

Goodbye and Good luck
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Wow - Keeps Getting Better !!

To 1SICKLEX: You WERE doing good, I agree that the RX300 is a fine vehicle. Then you labeled the MDX a "wide body trailer" -- now that's "name calling". Why are you wasting your time on the MDX web site? Can't get a date to ride in your RX? Please get a life.

Re MDX Width: Yes the MDX is wide and we LOVE IT. Claustrophobia does not come with the 'X, space does. Width apparently does contribute to roll resistance [take a look at the ratings]. Width apparently does contribute to stable ride [based on experience]. We have received a side ding, but then again our narrow 2001 Accord has several. Seems to me that this is function of life and those that populate it, not the vehicle.

Competition is Good: I am glad that there is a demand for the RX300, maybe Acura will work harder to improve the MDX [always room to improve]. Maybe the competition with Lexus will motivate Acura to improve customer service/satisfaction [definately room here].

Soooo ...... to those who love their RX300, enjoy .... to those who own an MDX, please keep sharing, you help us increase the enjoyment of the MDX experience.
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Smaller Acura SUV -- Maybe and Maybe Not

vicpai ... I don't quite agree with you ....

Just because some buyers might want Acura to build another SUV that is smaller [narrower] doesn't mean that Acura will do so. I am not sure that I agree with you that Acura will be forced to go this route. With the intro of the Pilot, Honda Corp. will have a fairly well rounded family of SUVs:

Acura: Mid-Size MDX
Honda: Mid-Size Pilot
Honda: Small CRV

Honda Corp. has got to be loving the MDX because they are selling as fast as they can build. Acura dealers should be loving this too [we all know why]. I suspect that the Pilot will be the same. I understand that the new CRV is hot.

Honda Corp. took a long time introducing their own Mid-Size SUV. An option to expand the line "quickly" would be to "buy one" [ala Mazda/Ford twins]. After the Isuzu experience, I don't think Honda Corp will jump to that route [I suspect that they found it to be a REAL BAD MISTAKE, I know I did and I believe the Acura dealers did, Honda dealers are evidently more stubborn]. I don't think there will be more SLXs and Passports [IMHO].

If anything, I suspect that the trend would be towards bigger and/or more expensive!! Acura is at the low end of the high end now [did that make sense?]. Compete with the "small Lexus" and "small Mercedes". If they were to go for the gusto, why not an Expedition sized MDX!!
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30-35K Acura "CRV" ??

I love the MDX, find it worth every penny. While I think the CRV is a great vehicle, I can't picture paying over $30K for it. Adding V6, better 4WD, leather, lots of toys, yada yada yada ... I still don't come up with a $30K+ vehicle ... BUT this wouldn't be the 1st time in my life I was wrong and am sure there will be lots more
Dumb Question ...

What is a/an SAV? Sorry to be naive ... please excuse
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