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Sold MDX because of width, bought RX 300!!

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Hi everyone!

I've been lurking on this site for sometime now while I had my deposit down at Ball Acura in San Diego. Even though I was concerned of the MDX being wide, I took you guys suggestion and bought it, but after living with it for one month I find it TOO WIDE to live with. I just sold it yesterday - didn't lose too much though. I'm MUCH HAPPIER now with RX 300 I bought instead.....much more fun and easier to drive, park in my garage etc. (also to park in parking lots and street areas) I'm sorry too because MDX was such a good car with nice styling and performance. Navi system was also really great, but oh well :(

BTW this is a really great site. The best I've seen. Too bad I don't have the MDX anymore :(

Goodbye and Good luck
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MrPrescott said:
I don't know how anyone can bring up the issue of width, or even big size, with the MDX. There are so many freakin Expeditions, Excursions, Suburbans, Tahoes and clones (Escalente) out there that are so ridiculously big, the MDX is a great mid sized car, er . . . van, er . . . truck,. . . whatever. I wonder how many people that critisize the width of the MDX either oogle or have these other obscenely big utes. :rolleyes:
I've always wondered why there is such a big deal made about the width of the X - it's NARROWER than my Suburban. It's only four-tenths of an inch narrower so I doubt I'll notice it but it just isn't that wide. I've had my Suburban since '95 and haven't had any problems parking it unless some idiot decides to park over the line into the space I want. Maybe it's an optical illusion though - my husband is convinced the X is wider than my Suburban; you would think an engineer could be convinced by showing him the actual measurements.

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