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** I hope it's ok to post this here...I just posted the same thing to the 3rd Gen forum but wanted to get as much input as possible. I apologize if that is not proper protocol.**

Hi All,

I have a 2015 w/ Tech and standard 19" wheels/tires (245/55/19). I want to downsize to a 17" wheel and snow tire combo. I've got it narrowed down to either the Blizzak DM-V2 or Hakka R3 SUV. I'm leaning pretty heavily toward the Hakka.
So I have a bunch of questions and would like folks to chime in with their input!

1) Opinions on Blizzak v.s. Hakka
2) Looking at a variety of purchasing the dealer, online stores, local tire shops. (I live in Syracuse, NY). Any experience or opinions on this?
3) I was initially thinking of just getting the tire/wheel combo WITHOUT the TPMS sensors to save money. But then I heard that if I do that the TPMS dashboard light will stay lit all the time (I could just put some black electrical tape over that)...has any tried that? Does it work ok or does the light bleed through from behind and maybe is distracting while driving? Also, and more importantly, I heard that if the TPMS is not working then the Traction Control will always be on and cannot be turned off. Normally, that wouldn't bother me because I just leave Traction Control on all the time HOWEVER...if I get stuck in the snow and need to rock the vehicle back and forth to get out then I would need to turn Traction Control off.
Anyone have experience with this?
4) Finally, should I get an all wheel alignment with the 4 new snow tires? The current all season tires seem fine and I had an alignment done about a year ago and haven't noticed any pulling to the left or right. I ask because every time I've purchased new tires (no matter the source) the installer always tries to get me to do an

Thanks in Advance!

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