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Snow Chains Group Purchase?

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Based on this thread I thought we might want to gauge interest in a potential group buy for snowchains.

Seems the consensus is that Security Chain Co has a couple of good alternatives for cables that fit the MDX: the ZT729 (around $90) and the ZL671 (around $130).

I know Tim @ hondacuraworld is looking into potentially carrying them in addition to some vendors identified in the other thread.

While there are 2 models and we don't yet have a specific vendor, please indicate interest in a group buy regardless of which model you prefer; we'll work out details later. For now, we'll do some quick calling/emailing with the # of buyers we have and see if we can save a few extra bucks!
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If the consensus is the ZL671, and we can get a deal, count me in for two pairs.

Count me in for a set of the ZL671. Though it costs a little bit more, I'd rather be "safe than sorry..."

I've been checking with local auto part stores and most of them are either oblivious or overpriced on the Z-chains. The cheapest I found them for was $140 including shipping from

howards had them for $142 shipped but that is the special for November only.
Good to have just in case. Count me in! Probably for the ZL671 model.

I have never used any traction product (chains, etc.), though I have certainly driven in conditions when I should have been using them. Question: will they cause any damage to our beautiful aluminum wheels, either on installation or in use? looks like interest is pretty tepid. IME we'd need ~ 8-10 peeps to get a deal. So, I'd suggest we do this one on our own.

It looks like tdnone found the cheapest price @ Winchester (an Autozone affiliate). The link and number are in the other thread I referenced in the first post above.
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