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My wife put her first scratch in her Silver MDX just before Christmas. The good news is it was very minor thanks to the Side Steps. She scrapped against a concrete parking pillar (trying to pull into too small a space, in too crowded a lot, while she was too tired). There was a long scrape down the right rear passenger door (at about the level where body moulding would go), ending at the wheel well. To my surpise, there were no dents, and only a very small paint chip on the lip of the wheel well. The scrape buffed out, and is unnoticeable after some polish and wax.

Today, I noticed that the right side step tube has a large scrape (into the aluminum), and I realize that it took the brunt of the damage, and probably prevented the body from being REALLY damaged. If I have time, I'll take a picture and post it, but it definitely convinced me that the side steps were a good purchase.
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