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Side Steps or Running Boards??????

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Just trying to decide whether to get running boards or side steps. Anyone have any compelling reasons to pick one or the other? Ease of installation, utility, looks, etc.

Thanks for your input.
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There were a few conversations about this awhile back. I won't rehash them for the sake of bandwidth -- do a quick search. 2-3 months old.

BUT -- go to the "May Hondacuraworld Special" thread and vote for a discount on 'em!
Can anybody tell me how easy to install the running board without raising the car ?

kc said:
Can anybody tell me how easy to install the running board without raising the car ?

I did it. My nose almost rubbed the bottom of the truck each time I turned my head but I didn't have to lift it. Do your stretching excercises first. Just be sure and follow the instructions step by step, especially the bolt tightening order. Like worm suggest, do a search, this has been covered extensively.
In answering the original question of this thread, my opinion is that the side steps look nicer, but the running boards are more useful. Since I have a 2 and a 4 year old, the running boards have been really helpful and useful.
My opinion--

I think the running boards look better than the side steps. I also think even though I have mud flaps, that the running boards will help keep the sides from getting all chipped up from the rock on the road.
Can someone post the width of the running board please. Is it useful to get on/off the vehicle?
The width--

I haven't measured them, but they go from the front of the front door all the way back to the back of the back door.

Hold on I just measured them. The top part is 67 inches that go up by the doors front to back and the bottom is 57" front to back. The width is around 5 1/2 inches.

I personally do not use them when I get in, I bypass them, but my kids on the other hand do use them.

Hope this helps.

Thanks for the info.

For those of you with kids. . .do you really think the running boards work better then the side steps? My baby is 3 months old right now, but I'm thinking over the next few years. . . .

Another option I have been considering is doing the side steps on the left side and running boards on the right. That way, we get the best of both worlds. We would then have running steps.
Sorry, but I think it would look a bit odd having two different types of steps for the car. However, that's my opinion. Also, I'm not sure if you can find anyone who will sell you one instead of a pair. Personally, I think the sidesteps are better looking.
Side Steps RULE!

Here...a link from the past.... ;)
There is another great step that fits into the receiver of your hitch, if you have one.
kc said:
Can anybody tell me how easy to install the running board without raising the car ?

I installed my running boards and mudflaps without raising the car (or removing any tires for the flaps). There wasn't a whole lot of room, but if you follow the instructions, it's actually pretty easy. I can see how someone bigger than me would not have enough room though; just need enough space to get your upper torso under the car.

Running boards are awesome.
Faced the same decision a few months back, and went for the running boards. Look neater (better integrated) and very useful for the little ones to climb in and out.

Install was not too bad, but would suggest not trying it outside on an ice-covered driveway in below freezing weather...
Went with a rb my self based on the looks. One another thing you may want to consider is the side protection with the ss. Acura advertises ss with 'added side protection' (presumably from crashes) but not with the rb. Any thoughts anyone?
texasmdx: running boards or side steps

Like dmor and mytonka, I think side steps give the
mdx a more muscular look. Without them, I feel the
mdx looks like it is wearing high heels.

here is some pictures.
Hey, mscomp, welcome to the board and fix that link so we all can see your pix.
You know, I think one of the last things I'd do is tell someone from Texas that it looks like his car's wearing high heels.:)

But I will note that putting on sidesteps really changes the character of the car from being on the sedan-like sedan like side of the scale to something that's more definitively an SUV. I still like the fact that it doesn't easily classify anywhere, tho.
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