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Sick of waiting

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Hey All,

Dont mind me... need to vent...

I placed a deposit with Herb Conolly in Natick, MA on July 10th... and I'm still waiting. I've been told Jan/feb or later, but I'm getting ansy... Meanwhile, my trade in keeps droping in value, and I need to spend money over the holidays to rent a vehicle for a couple of long trips... ARGHHH :mad:

I figured things would be slowing now, but they dont seem to be... have accura owners ever heard of recesions??? :confused:

As a side note, what happens with trade-ins when you owe money on the car? Does the difference between loan and tradein value get added to the loan amount?

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Hang in there me, it's well worth the wait.

Don't know about the trade-in situation, but yours is the logical conclusion...

Rob :cool:
trade ins - yep

If your vehicle is under water (the loan is more than the cars value), you will have only a couple of options:

1. Sell it to an individual for more money than you will get on a trade -- you will have to make up the diff on the loan
2. Trade in the car to a dealer and make up the difference at the time of sales
3. Trade in the car and roll the amount due into the next loan.

What kind of car is it, and what is it worth vs. what you owe?
I agree with Dave, the only problem may be if you have to much negative equity your lender may not want to over finance all the extra amount. I would get a couple of buy bids from a few dealers that sell your particular car, just to find out what the true trade-in value of your vehicle is. Then check with your lender(s) to find out how much they are willing to over finance. I would also do some checking around with other dealers to see if they can get one sooner. Ask someone to call you if they get any cancellations, if you are open to different colors or models will better your chances of getting one sooner. Car sales in general slow down a little this time of year so a couple cancellations may put you in one right away.
Just to share with you my experience. I put down my deposit with one dealer six weeks ago. During the period, my SR never called me. Recently, I got build date from another dealer and started to cancel my deposit. All of a sudden, my SR call me more. He gave me an update on my queue position (which is the same as six weeks ago). Then he call me about immediate availability of a base MDX. Since that is not what I am interested, I ask him to proceed refund my deposit. You tell me what is going on...

I agree with all the others.
My first delivery date was mid to late december. I a'ready have a build date of 11/21-25.

The next week I called another dealer and they claimed they are the largest So Cal dealer so that they should be able to get one quicker. No build/delivery date with them.

A couple of weeks ago I called yet another dealer and they told me that they have an MDX 188 GG in transit and that I should receive it this week (hopefully today!). So I left yet another deposit.

Every dealer had an MDX available that I could have bought that day but it was either the wrong year, color, model, or had a bunch of accessories I didn't want.

If I were you, I would call around and see what other dealers have available. There may be a last minute change of mind (hey, there will be 2 cancellations once I get mine!) which may fit your liking.

I was also told by the last sales lady that I should shop my current car around to Car Max etc. to get quotes and see if the dealer will give me a better price. No dealer will match the KBB value for trade-ins although I see them advertising the car for $1-2K more. Since my car is a 98 CL in excellent condition and fully paid for, there is no reason for me to sell it.

Hang in there, I've been wanting an MDX for over a year (ever since the rumours started at the TOV) and I still don't have one.
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Worth it!

I too put my deposit down in July....and I got my VIN today!!! Yay! Maybe to have by the weekend.....

Don't go too nuts, this site makes it worth it.
I, too, have waited a bunch, and I, too, am going nuts!

I placed a deposit with Herb Connolly last February. I knew then I'd be waiting until the late Fall for delivery (I had opted for '02 because of the wait and a new model phobia), but the closer it gets, the further away it seems...

This site has helped me through it though!

Hey All

Thanks for the support posts :rolleyes:

I spoke with my saleswoman and expressed my annoyance at the wait. She actually said that worst case scenario was May.

To tell you the truth, I dont think I can wait that long... We need a new vehicle badly... :)

However, I asked about cancellations and she said that they were getting some each week and that they would call the next person on the list ordering that exact color/model. I then said that I would take *any* color except beige as long as it was touring/nav :) We'll see what happens...

I'll give it a bit more for now, but will have to seriously reconsider soon. (them having 1,000 deposit for ~11 months w/o interest is kinda annoying, since they make extra for it, and my trade in keeps losing value....)

Just more thoughts... I'll stick with it for now :)
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Did you consider buying it in Florida? Seems like these vehicles are available in Florida on a short wait.
I would check with other states near MA. NY/NJ isn't that far & I bet you could find one there.
bioart said:
Hey All,
I figured things would be slowing now, but they dont seem to be... have accura owners ever heard of recesions??? :confused:
It is worth the wait. Compared with many folks, my 3 month wait was kind of short. ;)

My Red Rock Touring Navi is just beautiful, both driving and handling. I just feel if you want to do something useful with your luxary SUV as a "utility" car, you should try to get this. I, too, am confused with acura owners' not having a recession. However, it is simply the "value" of the car. If the car is really that good, which it is, your wait is basically getting you "value" for your money. I plan to keep this for a long time so it is worthy to see and drive one I really like. The wait time is like pregnancy.. gettin
more and more uncomfortable.

As far as the wait, my experience is that you must know your position in line. You can't wait blindly forever. Our local dealer has a wait book in public view.. I saw myself get in the book and I saw others in the book. Who's ordered and got what cars and so forth as time go by. I got the first Memphis Red Rock not because I was the first red buyer, I was second. The first red buyer asked for a base model but the fully loaded model came first. Yeah.. But you should still kind of know where you are. Because the local dealer is fairly honest in showing how many MDX they have as opposed to where i am in the queue. As much as I don't like the MSRP deal, I see that nobody is forcing me to buy this car. The MSRP MDX still comes with more value than, say, the Mecedez or BMW, biasedly. So it is worth the wait, but you got to know where you are in line. This may not be the way at other dealers but this is my experience.

I also have chances to buy MDX out of state on those 2001 batches. You can hit the internet on to see all the dealers around you. Dealers also get extra allocation that may have the color you want. They seems to come and go FAST too.

One extra note; Just five days.. I really like the navigation. Frankly it really change the way I see going out on the road. The point of having a totally integrated car that knows where to go, is just fun and assuring for travel.
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Massachusetts Wait

I also live in Boston area, and shopped around in May. The 2 Mass dealers I tried (not the one in Natick) both told me that if I ordered in May, Christmas was absolute earliest, more likely in Jan 2002.

I ordered from Inskip in Rhode Island who said it would be mid November, and sure enough, it arrived last week. Very reliable prediction.

Back in May I also ordered an MDX in Florida, for mid-July delivery. But I backed out on this as I decided to wait for a 2002.

Florida is a good alternative if you do not want to wait, and the dealer I worked with in Jacksonville quoted me $500 under MSRP, and no markup on Acura website installed accessories prices. Shop around, some of the Florida dealers have high 'dealer fees', and want to include "protective coatings" and all sorts of other ways to jack up the price.
Hey Sars,
I was wondering how your experience was at Inskip?
I have a deposit at Herb Connolly, and I am looking to put down a second deposit at another dealership.
Are they selling at MSRP with no forced options??
How much deposit did you have to put down? Did they cash your deposit, or just hold it?? Any recommendations for a salesperson?
Any info would be appreciated.

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