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Hi There,

I am new to the forums, I own an Acura mdx 2007 with the 20 years anniversary package (Tech + sport package).

I think I have experience all the bads with the car... ADS suspension failed for the 2nd time, Bluetooth module failed and now im getting a shudder when driving at 20mph and 35-40mph.

I believe it might be the torque converter as many experienced here before but I get the shudder even if I am not accelerating, I tried getting to 40mph and put it in neutral and still get the shudder. Is the converter engaged even if the transmission in neutral?

I purchased a bottle of Lubeguard ATF Protectant and Instant shudder fix if the Protectant does not work.

Anyone tried theses product on our cars and if my shudder problem could be something else?

Thank you,
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