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Should I get NAV?

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I began looking for MDX's about 10 days ago, I must choose between the following:

2002 BLK/Ebony Touring/NAV ($39,780 - any day now)

2002 BLK/Saddle Base ($35,180 - available 3/15)

This is for my wife, and although I am sold on the touring package, is NAV worth it?
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By all means, yes. I opted out of it and have regretted it ever since. I can't count the number of times someone has seen the screen on the dash and exclaimed, "Wow, you've got Navigation!", only to hear me sheepishly explain that it's just a "trip computer"...
Welcome CH777. Guess I got here first, because they are gonna jump all over this........ :D Use the site's search engine and do a quick search. Then when you are done in a month or so, we will talk. :D :D :D :D
A New Feature for Life Enjoyment

baxter said:
Welcome CH777. Guess I got here first, because they are gonna jump all over this........ :D Use the site's search engine and do a quick search. Then when you are done in a month or so, we will talk. :D :D :D :D
Yeah, I agree. My observation on the navigation is that you don't know what you are missing if you never have one. It is like having your first power windows and then try to see if you can do the window things manual. :) So.. just find the older threads and read on. People will give A LOT of opinions too.
:cool: Get the Nav, ESPECIALLY for your wife! The Nav is awesome !
done make the same "mistake" I did...

I didn't think I would need/want it and now I really regret it every so often when I look at the "trip computer."

note: u may not regret it as much if u NEVER come back to this forum after u get the car. This place has a way of reminding u of the mistake. ok, maybe we should replace all the "u" with "I" or "me"


The Nav will revolutionize your driving experience. You will regret it if you dont. That 2000 dollars is the best investment you will ever make.
I would get the Nav before the Touring Pkg. Well worth it.
Think about you are going to carry less maps in your car, no need to turn on computer to check location and being able to store important address/phone number in your MDX. Go for it!!
First of all, congratulations on making a smart choice.

Second: Yes get the Navi.

besides. Black with Ebony looks sooo much better than Black with Saddle.-- IMHO.

p.s. like others already stated, do a search
Go with the Nav and before/instead of the touring package (it's less money and more fun) if for no other reason than the car was really designed for the Nav as evidenced by the large piece of dashboard real estate devoted to it. IMO, the trip computer was an afterthought from engineers told by management, "we are actually going to make the Nav an option, so fill that space in with something." Kind of reminds me of the plastic plugs covering options not opted for in American cars when I was growing up.

Obviously, like many topics of discussions on this board, it is a matter of opinion whether to get this option, but at 35K, less than 6% more gets you a hum-dinger of a gadget that is a useful tool as well.
It is almost like asking should I use the internet.
upate on "should i get nav?"

I have decided to get the vehicle with NAV. So if anyone is interested, there is a black/saddle base mdx at Hall Acura in Virginia Beach, VA. There is no options added and they are willing to sell for sticker. There is a 349.00 documentation fee.

My salesman was Chris Turnage at (757) 631-3060 and he was a pleasure to work with.
Good Decision!!!!

I changed my order to add NAV, I'm tired of waiting for my vehicle but an extra month is worth the wait.
At least you guys have the option. I don't understand Acura Canada. Nissan, Mercedes and others are all offering NAV up here (On-Star, too, for GM). Why can't I get the NAV????????? I know that Alpine has mapped the country, 'cause I can buy their system.

............a million times over.......GET THE NAVIGATION SYSTEM!!! This is the GREATEST device ever introduced in an automobile (AND ACURA - with Alpine's partnership - pretty much pioneered Navigation Systems in automobiles AND THEY STILL ARE THE BEST OF THE BEST OUT THERE!!!!......IMHO, no one should ever buy a car without a Navigation system. At ANY PRICE it's simply the best investment you'll ever make in an auto feature.

Consider this: I bought my 2000 Acura 3.2TL over the Lexus RX 300 I was serioiusly considering at the time for only one reason: because I was simply BLOWN AWAY by the Acura DVD Navigation system!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I wish I had ordered NAV

I've only had my X for two weeks and I have buyers remorse
about not getting NAV. When I ordered my vehicle it seemed
like such overkill, then I discovered this site and started
reading about NAV and all it's cool features.....and....Whaaaaa!
I wish I ordered NAV.....:( ....sobbing....

Like someone said earlier in this thread, people see my screen
and say "Cool, you have Navigation..." then I have to bite my
lip and explain thats it's a "trip com-puter" (....Y A W N....)

OK, now that I've wiped my tears, does anyone know if Acura
does or will ever offer as an add-on..(wishfull thinking?)

I've also read several posts of people praising the Garmin
StreetpilotIII. Can anyone make me feel better and tell me it's
great!! does it work good sitting on the dasboard?
Does it fit down in the area under the "coin tray"?
I've been reading about he aftermarket Alpine versions and they
all seem great and all, but geez they're expensive, and where
would you mount the screen without major modifications....?

Damn, I wish I had just ordered the NAV!

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go for nav. I am glad i got on my mdx.

Honda/acura is best i believe (also read somewhere).

Must have in one car. Mdx is perfect to have it.

other accesories, you may install later(save lux. tax)
Got our MDX 3 weeks ago. My hubby has insisted only one thing for that car and that was the Navigation system. I did not think it was necessary to waste $2,000. I have the Palm xV Map Companion GPS, and know how to read a map. But if the Nav will solve the argument of "men don't like to ask for directions", then so be it.

Since it was his gadget, I did not bother to learn it. But let me tell you, when I got lost the other night, alone in a "not so good neighborhood", not wise to pull over and read the map, I learned to use the Nav in a flash and was glad that we have it.

Since that night, I can't stop playing with it every opportunity I get. For long distance trips, it's a blessing. Althought at times it insists that you must take a certain route, you can always change the "method" of computing and over-ride that annoying reminder.

One thing I did notice was that in the more rural areas, it still lacks of certain streets and signalized intersections, even a hundred acre mall! But in a more densely populated cities, it is surprisingly accurate.

So I would say go for the Navigation system. It is an added security blanket for the travelers. It is also an option that is difficult to retrofit should you change your mind later.
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A Great Big Yes

We love it and have found it to be very useful on a number of occasions. Its also a lot of fun and way cool:D :cool: :D
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