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Shift Knob Installation ?

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Okay...My teacher once told me that there is no such thing as a dumb question. So here it goes ....Tim just sent me the shift knob, and from what I read you just screw it on....But....I can't get the old one off!! I did manage to get the lower chrome boot unattached? I see these 2 black plastic prongs...I've tried to unscrew the old knob...I assume you turn counter clockwise and unscrew?? Either the dealer locktighted my knob on....or I'm not turning hard enough for fear of breaking something. Please confirm that you simply unscrew old knob ?? Is there any chance of bending anything...breaking anything..damaging those plastic black pcs..etc.

Please go easy on me with the abuse...I'm a forum rookie !! Maybe I should re-think the self installation of the tailgate deflector if I can't get this thing on !!
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Bless you, charlieinnj, for the idea and the link!
Home Depot, here I come!!
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