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Service suggestions

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My MDX is coming up for its first service. I've never been to any dealer for service on my Integra. But I'll take the MDX in because of its VTM-4. Anyway, I can go to the following - Seramonte, Hopkins, Burlingame and Sunnyvale. Any input on these guys' service department?

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Hey Sharky,

I take mine to Los Gatos Acura for service. The service guys are excellent. Been going there 10 years with my old Integra, TL and now MDX. They are great, but may be a bit out of your reach.

Steven's Creek Acura I have heard were also good.

I wasn't impressed with the sales team at Sunnyvale Acura, so I have no experience with their service team.

You may want to also check out the dealer ratings to find out about any service feedback.

Good luck.
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