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Service Engine Light

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Hello All-

I remember seeing a thread about Service Engine Light coming on...

I have a unique event that happen to me today. I pulled up to a parking spot parked. Shut off my engine and then restart again to move just a bit up and the Serice Engine light flashed in a quick mode for like three seconds and then turned off. I have not seen this before when I start my engine...Should I be concern bout this???

After the vehicle is in gear and in motion...everything seems fine...

Am a worry wort so if this is a sign for me to take it to my dealer to check it out...Then I will do it. If any of you have seen this and thinks that it is a problem then let me know. Thanks
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wlind said:
The maintenance req'd light will come on for 2 sec. when the ignition switch is turned on when 6,000 miles between service.

See page 69 of manual.

It flashes on stays on for 10 sec between 6k & 7.5K as a reminder to get scheduled service.

Sounds like your system is working Ok.

Happy MDXing!!!
Thank you...You are right. I read the manual and also took the MDX down to the dealer and the service guy said that its just a feature that let me know that am up for service...NICE feature!
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