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Interior is Very Disappointing

I was considering an MDX, but I was disappointed in the fit and finish of the MDX as compared to the Mercedes, Lexus and BMW. It certainly does not look like the interior of a $38K vehicle. I think that Honda has the MDX overpriced for what you get. I confirmed this again at the local Car Show in which it was easy to directly compare the MDX with other makes. It really reminded me of a low end Honda inside. Kinda the same thing as Cadillac when they were using Chevy parts on the interior in the mid-80s

I had taken one for a test drive, (2001) and I two other items (aside from the interior) stood out.

1. The engine seemed to rev alot to get up to speed. Someone told me that Vtec engines are high reving.

2. The wind noise at highway speeds. Again I think a $38K car should do better. Maybe the 2002 is better. I have heard the put heavier glass to dampen some of the noise. The Lexus, BMW and Mercedes. (for that matter the Envoy and Trailblazer) don't have this problem.
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