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1. I agree that the wind noise is a problem and I came up with a "screen spline" patch...(you can 'search' it) but it is obviously only a 'patch' which helps, but does not FIX the problem in the 'O1's. I think this is a combo problem. If you pop the hood you can see how the air flow is forced up near the pillars...etc. Otherwise, wind vibration centers on the upper window seal and some of this can be eliminated by tightening the seal, as in screen spline. Additionally, some of the moon roofs are not properly set. I had to readjust mine...finding 3 spacers on one side and one spacer on the other.

2. I probably won't use the roof rack...but agree that the lack of adjustment makes it pretty useless. Fortunately we have a VAN w/rack for hauling.

3. Bose is muddy, IMO. My CD's seem to sound better than my FM and I've heard opposite complaints in the forum. I will probably change out my speakers as others have done.

All in all I'm happy with my purchase. All of them have a little "something" that's undesirable. The MDX has more pluses than minuses, IMO. :)
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