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MDX @ SEMA from Honda R&D

Notice that the MDX SEMA has the 19" wheels taken off of the MDX Prototype. It looks like they painted the front and rear fascia with some matte grey finish to give it a more sporty look. Here's part of the Acura article from Oct. 2000 regarding the MDX at the SEMA show.....
['Tricked and Treated' Acura and Honda models highlight SEMA exhibit:
Acura is represented by the new MDX sport utility vehicle, fresh from
winning Motor Trend magazine's "SUV of the Year" award. The MDX is fitted
with Acura Accessory fender flares, front grille and roof rack. Unique
19-inch wheels and tires team with a custom coil-over suspension system and
dual exhaust to further differentiate the MDX. The interior is highlighted
by a mahogany steering wheel, shift knob and trim pieces.]

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