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security system

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Does anyone know how it is suppose to work? When the system is activiated with the FOB is it suppose to make some type of noise (like the horn going off)? Even with the system set, nothing happens when I go to open the door. Am I doing something wrong, or is there something wrong with my vehicle.

Also, my panic button doesn't work either. It doesn't make any sounds or make the headlights flash, when I push the panic button on the FOB. I don't believe this is normal, so if anyone has an answer regarding this matter, it would be greatly appreciated.
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Check out pg 84 on owner's manual - you have to press the LOCK button twice to get a beep. As for the panic button, I had the salesperson demonstrated it when I picked up the car, it worked and it was LOUD.
Seems like your FOB is acting up, have you checked the problem forum in this site to see if others have similar problems before?
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