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I prefer the solid leather too. I think it is much more attractive.
It was embarrassing when I was
showing off my 2 week old vehicle, to have someone point out
the little blue strings on the driver's seat. I noted this
when I was replying to the Acura survey.
I love how the MDX looks, rides and drives, but I am very disappointed
with the quality of the interior. It really bothers me that I have
to worry about the seat belt nicking the door pillars. I have been
careful with the belt, but with only 4 weeks age and 2100 miles,
the door pillars are nicked. Yes, I can be careful, but when passengers
are riding in the car, I don't feel comfortable giving them directions
on leaving the vehicle. After all, this is a luxury vehicle, which
considering how carefully I treat my vehicles, I expect it to look
unworn for several years. I did not expect to have the door pillars
all nicked-up after only 4 weeks ownership. I definitely
do not like the plastic dash. Other than my early years of
owning less expensive vehicles, this is the
first vehicle I have owned with a hard plastic dash. I purchased the
vehicle out of state, so when I had the new inspection sticker
put on the "X", I watched the guy remove the old inspection sticker
and although he was careful, the sticker removal tool rubbed against
the dash and left a couple scuff marks, which I cannot remove.
This never happened in any of my other vehicles. I feel the quality
of the MDX interior pales in comparison even to my problem plagued
99 Jeep Grand Cherokee. I also have several rattles coming from
the rear area of the vehicles. There are no items in the back and
I have moved things like the seat belts and have checked all the compartments,
but still hear the rattles, even when the radio
is playing. Again, I really like how the MDX looks and drives, but
I wish I felt as good about the looks of the inside, as I do about the outside...

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ablank, thanks for the thread about the seat hairs. I feel better
about them, since it appears they will eventually go away. Now,
if I could just make those awful door pillar nicks go away. I look
at them each time I enter the vehicle and each time I leave it...

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The best I can determine is the chrome part of the seat belt latch,
which inserts into the seat belt buckle is hitting the plastic door
pillar. Of course this happens after you unhook the belt as it moves
back to its rest position, it bangs against the plastic.
I am thinking either the plastic is very susceptible to
nicking easily or the chrome belt latch edging is very sharp. The material
on the door pillars of my other cars seem to be plastic,
but I have never had the chipping problem in any of my cars.

This is a common problem for the MDX and there are other threads discussing
this. In some cases, Acura has replaced the plastic pillar,
but that just fixes the symptoms, not the problem. A new plastic
pillar will just get chipped again....
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