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I'm considering buying an Acura MDX 2002. The dealer does not recommend the Acura nose mask. He tells me that it is difficult to remove and replace. I live in a semi-desert area and he says that dust and particles will accumulate under the nose mask and cause problems. He recommends instead 3M Scotchcal Paint Protection Film. This is a clear-coated urethane film. There are no mechanical attachments. It is installed by the dealer. Apparently, the one surface is adhesive. They claim that it lasts for years, that it minimizes stone chips and needs no special care after film application. I don't like to spend time cleaning a vehicle so the Acura nose mask seems impractical for me. I don't do any off-road driving, but the roads here contain many small pebbles. Do I need a nose mask for these conditions. If so, does anyone have any experience with the dealer-installed 3M translucent film?
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